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2016 Ford Mustang India Review

Evolution is a word, with which we are all very familiar, thanks to the Darwinian theory, but when we look at car manufacturers of today, the adapt and survive technique seems to be the order of the day. So, when Ford decided to put the steering wheel of its pony car, on the right side (and thought of doing so despite the car being in production for 50 years), one could understand, where the American car manufacturer was taking the Mustang. Europe was quite obviously the first choice, but another country was to benefit from this decision – India!

Ford announced last year, when it launched the Aspire, that the Mustang was on its way here; and though many of us were skeptical of this decision of the company, there was hope. The hope got translated into joy, when things were confirmed and the car finally made it to the Indian soil for homologation. So, you can imagine the thrill on our faces, when 52 years later, the Mustang has made it to Indian soil.

In over half a century, Ford has sold more than 9.2 million units of the Mustang, but the popularity of the Coupe was evident when Ford managed to sell 1.10 lakh units just in 2015, so evolving to RHD did have its effect. But, moving the steering from one side to the other isn’t enough and Ford has had to work hard, to make things exciting and take it to the next level, without compromising on the essence that is the Mustang. This is where the exterior look comes into play and the key differentiators are the sleeker A-pillars and C-pillars, the pillar-less construction in between and the lowering of the roofline, by 8 inches. The rear track too has grown by 70mm.

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